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Spreading love and knowledge around the world


Jazmín Chi (pronounced as has-mEEn shEE) is an author, poet, international speaker, philanthropist, businesswoman, investor, consultant, mentor, professor, leadership speacialist, model, poetry and voice actress, radio host, and producer. Her life purpose is to spread love and knowledge around the world, which she does through her educational, philanthropic and artistic endeavors.

She has traveled to all continents where she has taught and advised national chambers of commerce, business people and their corporations, parents, civil society organizations, universities and the general public through conferences, classes, book presentations, volunteering, and philanthropic donations. The people she taught improved their lives in the areas of: leadership, business, family ties, personal education, resilience, as well as personal development.

Jazmín holds two master degrees, one in Technology, Innovation and Education from Harvard University in the United States, and another in Education with a concentration in Cultural Diversity from the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, and a double bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Walden University in the United States and the Universidad del Valle de México in Mexico. She also has executive diplomas in: Finance, Human Resources, Basic and Advanced Administration, and in Business Image from the College of Consultants in Public Image of Mexico. Jazmín is also tetraglot.

She has been considered one of the "120 Most Innovative Women in the World" for the Positive Impact she has made in the world, along with women such as Michelle Obama, Her Majesty Queen Rania of Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Erika Ender, Michelle Bachelet, among other women leaders in their areas, by the Athena40 Organization, London, England; TIAW Ambassador for the International Alliance of Women, in the United States; Outstanding Young Woman from the State of Tamaulipas, by Governor Fco. G. Cabeza de Vaca; Scholar of Change by Walden University in the United States whom also chose her to film a commercial on the "Shine On" campaign and be directed by Oscar winners Andrea Nix and Sean Fine, for the positive impact she has made on children at Mexico through the businesses she founded; Business Woman selected by the BID Network in the Netherlands; Global Networker by Business Seva Partners Worldwide, Bangalore, India; Mexican Woman of Worth, by the National Television Company Televisa in Mexico; Outstanding Writer by La Fábrika Magazine of Guatemala; Super Mamá by bbmundo Magazine in Mexico; Young woman with talent, by the newspaper La Razón de Tamaulipas; Successful Lynx by UVM Tampico; Success Story by the UVM México National Magazine, among other mentions.

Most of the career of Jazmín Chi has been sponsored/funded by national and international scholarships that she has won such as the Enrique Ramírez Villalón OPM '99 and Rosalía Magaña de Ramírez Fellowship to study at Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Ford Fund-Watson Institute Fellowship, Santander Bank Universities, Vive Mexico in France, Poland, Japan and Palestine, among many others, as well as numerous national and international awards.

All of this made Jazmín a woman aware of the scope of education for personal transformation and how it can help to change societies, as well as she is firmly committed through her educational, artistic and philanthropic endeavors to keep spreading love and knowledge around the world.

She founded Grupo Educativo Chi, made up of Chi Editorial where they create Books, Songs, Audiobooks and Games; for whom she wrote and published 18 children's books, Chi Language School that offers classes in Mandarin Chinese and English, and Chi International School with various extracurricular classes.

Among her philanthropic activities, she founded "Chi Foundation" which is dedicated to providing workshops and educational materials to children and youth at risk through social support programs with which she has personally made donations in Mexico, Colombia, Japan, Morocco and Taiwan.

Among her artistic activities, she wrote and published 18 books for children under the Chi Editorial publishing brand, which were also made audiobooks that she recounted with her daughter and other voice actors, including students from Chi International, and songs to which her team in Venezuela give life and voice.

In 2019 she published the Anthology of Poems: "A Jasmine around the world" written on a world cruise where she visited 20 countries on 5 continents and it was translated into English, Chinese and Japanese and had a book tour organized by the Ministry of Culture of the State of Tamaulipas.

She performs and recites her poetry in video clips that she makes with film studios and a team of international talents, of which she is the producer. She is also an international editorial, commercial and catwalk model. And is the host of the radio program "Minutes of Wisfom".

As a speaker, she has shared her knowledge, expertise and wisdom in Mexico, the United States, Russia, China, Poland, Japan, Colombia, Peru, at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Far Eastern Federal University in Russia, the CONCANACO SERVyTUR National Chamber of Commerce in Mexico and the Mexico Emprende National Network where she served as a business advisor, the Mexican Institute of Financial Executives, the Banking and Commercial School, GNL Pennsylvania, the Uniagustinian University in Bogotá, Colombia, the Catholic University of Colombia, the Technological Institute of Monterrey ITESM, the Autonomous University of Mexico UNAM, the Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla BUAP, the Santiago de Cali University in Colombia, the Cristóbal Colón University, Autonomous University of Yucatán Faculty of Economics, Autonomous University of Nuevo León Faculty of Public Accounting and Administration, Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, the Universidad del Valle de México, the University of Sonora, the Interdisciplinary Professional Unit of Engineering and Social and Administrative Sciences of the National Polytechnic Institute, among others.

She specializes in: leadership, personal and business development, life's transformations, resilience, family ties, and education. It is why she has been invited as a speaker to numerous international events and a columnist and writer for various national and international print and digital media.

Volunteering and philanthropy are activities that she approaches from a love perspective. The areas for which her heart vibrates are: Oppressed children, women and young people in difficult emotional situations and dealing with trauma, children and women without education who want to change their realities, orphans and related environments. Also, she is very interested in personal development in general and in ways to improve people's lives through it. That is why her time as volunteer has been significant during her adulthood; however, she started when she was a child, visiting remote villages in Mexico with her medical missionary parents.


Following the activities described above and others such as art, culture, caring for the environment, diversity, language teaching, promoting peace endeavors and opportunities for indigenous, homeless and migrants, she has had the opportunity to personally help in the following places: Mexico, France, Mainland United States, Mainland China, Russia, Poland, Colombia, Japan, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Chile, Panama, Jamaica, Morocco, Taiwan, Portugal, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore, Greece, Spain, Malta, Italy, Fiji, Tahiti, Hong Kong, and Hawaii, and lecturing online to National Chambers of Commerce in Mexico and their members during the times of COVID, to aid the nation's economic recovery. She was a member of the United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth. She also served as a mentor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education SAMI Initiative.

With a life story that includes war, sexual assault, physical, psychological and gender abuse, and discrimination due to being Asian and Latina, she knows very well the emotional development and the healing processes that human beings need to change their reality and life. It is why she is pro education (not to be confused with schooling) and pro peace.

Her vast experience have made her understand and have a perspective on life, which has helped her connect heart to heart with the people she serves and help them to find their voice, love themselves, broaden their vision, get out of their circumstances and improve their lives, faithfully following that life mission that she has encompassed in a single phrase: Spreading love and knowledge around the world.

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