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Have you felt that you have a dream but you do not know how to achieve it and you think it is impossible and everyone around you tell you that you will not be able to achieve it? Are you going through very difficult circumstances and want to change your life? Do you feel that you do not belong anywhere? Do you no longer see a way out of your life, do you suffer from depression and have you thought about committing suicide?

Jazmín has also gone through all this and her experience through such painful and traumatic events, and the way in which she transformed those circumstances into catapults for success, can teach you and those who listen to her, the process of change necessary to achieve the success in any personal area.

She can inspire you or your audience to develop their full potential and fulfill the purpose for which you were born in this life, connecting heart to heart through her stories and lovingly guide you through the healing process that every human being. needs for its own evolution.

Touching topics such as self-love, eradication of limiting beliefs, rediscovering the inner value, emotional and mental healing, personal branding, techniques to overcome depression, how to be immune to criticism, achieve all dreams no matter how impossible they may seem, change life circumstances, how to develop emotional intelligence, resilience and assertive communication to have happy and nurtured relationships.

Would you like to say that you have a wonderful life? You can do it too.

Start changing your life and fulfill your dreams.

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Do you have an idea you want to achieve?


Day and night you think about how your services or products can change the world, but... what is a business plan, ROI, balance sheets, investment, market research, staff development, branding, registrations, legalities, exports and imports, in short, all that jargon that is used in business?

Jazmín can guide you and your audience to materialize these companies. With her experience doing business around the world and educating other entrepreneurs, she knows very well the entire process from ideation to startup and growth.

Her feminine leadership based on love is unique and 100% practical. Going against “conventional wisdom” Jazmín breaks the mold of what women-led companies are, showing that no matter the circumstances, when you have an idea, you can change the world with it.


Touching on topics such as planning and execution of business projects, development of female leadership, learning to balance family and business, how to do international business, vision to change society, passion not to give up, negotiation and above all, doing business with love.

Jazmín´s perspective and the way she does business have led her to form a multicultural team of more than 20 people in 13 countries and 3 continents. Let yourself be guided by experience.

Start giving life to your ideas and change the world.

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Have you ever felt inferior for not getting good notes in school?


We were taught that an intelligent person is one who scores an "A" in school on tests that ask for information that can be easily located just a click away. But is this really how the world works?

In Jazmín's experience traveling all the continents and interviewing thousands of people about the relationship between happiness-education-quality of life, she reached some very interesting conclusions:


  • Education is very different from schooling.

  • It is necessary to adapt education to the new ideas of the new century, based on affective relationships and technology.

  • Absolutely all humans are intelligent in the area in which they decide to develop and for which they generally have a tendency and born talents, you just have to learn how to polish them.

  • It is necessary to be more diverse, loving and flexible when it comes to develop people with strong mentalities.

  • Topics such as personal development, finances, affective relationships, sexuality and values, are those that the surveyed adults said were most necessary in "real life" for proper functioning and insertion into society.

So why don't we teach any of this?


As an educator with a double master's degree in Education from Harvard University and FEFU in Russia, Jazmín proposes a totally different idea of ​​education than the one has been taught for decades.

Start teaching with love, common sense and values, for real life.

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